Bird & Wolfe

Bird & Wolfe is a furniture and home decor label co-directed by Georgina Gordon-Smith and Victoria Herbert.

Inspirational interiors that redefine luxury

Bird & Wolfe offer a fresh eye on luxury, seeing beauty in everyday materials and items, applying them with style and originality to create unique and lasting interior pieces that inspire people to reconnect with their surroundings.

The notion of ‘seeing’ poetry is central to the Bird & Wolfe design philosophy. Through sensitive use of texture, colour and print, and the innovative application of materials and discarded items, Bird & Wolfe designs have a tactility and emotional resonance that encourages interaction with design and creates a sense of warmth and belonging within a space.


Georgina’s background in textile art and set design combines a rare eye for texture and pattern with exceptional 3-D vision, while Victoria’s background as a fashion editor offers an avant-garde approach to colour and print that lends a dynamic edge to the duo’s alternative vision of luxury living.

Bird & Wolfe also creates limited edition furniture and home accessories. Bespoke designs available.


Georgina Gordon-Smith | | +44 7932 785687

Victoria Herbert | | +44 7525 214143